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The goal of the Workers Compensation In House Authorization Program (WCIHAP) is to expedite our employees medical treatment needs. In an effort to streamline the Utilization Review (UR) process the below listed acute care/initial treatment items shall be authorized by the City’s in house staff.

  • MRI

  • CT Scan

  • X-rays


  • Ultrasound

  • Physical Therapy – 6 sessions

  • Occupational Therapy – 6 sessions

  • Acupuncture – 6 sessions

  • Chiropractic – 6 sessions

  • Aquatic Therapy – 6 sessions

  • Transfer of care - on approved body parts

  • Corticosteroid Injections (Non-diabetic patients):

    • Elbow - 1 injection

    • Knee - 1 injection

    • Shoulder - 1 injection

    • Back - 1 injection

  • Durable Medical Equipment: Non-surgical, basic equipment less than $500: Splints – Off the Shelf

    • Crutches

    • Braces – Off the Shelf

    • Canes

    • Walkers

    • Standard wheelchair rental

    • Walking boots

    • Slings

    • Hot and cold packs

  • Lab work to establish baselines

    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

    • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)

    • Urinary Analysis (UA)

    • Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) - only if heart claim)

    • Partial Thromboplastin (PTT or aPTT)

    • Tetanus Shot if over 10 years from the last injection

In house staff is to approve the above listed treatment within 24 hours of receipt, the same day if possible.

Note: If the provider submits and RFA that has treatment listed on that is outside of the treatment listed above the request is subject to UR.

Once the above listed treatment has been authorized by in house staff all treatment request are subject to UR except the following:

  1. Follow up appointments

  2. Medication that has been reviewed by UR within the last six month

  3. Transfer of care - on approved body parts


  1. All treatment request are to be submitted to the City on an RFA, including medication.

  2. Medical reports shall show the medical necessity of the treatment provided.

  3. Providers are to follow the Medical Treatment Utilization Review Schedule (MTUS): http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/DWCPropRegs/Medical-Treatment-Utilization-Schedule/Medical-Treatment-Utilization-Schedule.htm

  4. RFA’s are to be emailed to workcomp@burbankca.gov or faxed to 818-238-5019.

  5. Status request are to be emailed to workcomp@burbankca.gov

FOR ALL DATES OF INJURY - ALL EMERGENCY TREATMENT SHOULD BE PROVIDED AS APPROPRIATE AND NOT DELAYED TO OBTAIN PREAUTHORIZATION. In cases where the treating provider deems the treatment needed is emergent (life threatening, limb threatening, the absence of immediate medical treatment could place the health of the injured worker in serious jeopardy), the provider should provide the necessary treatment and then follow up to obtain retro authorization.